This lively and eclectic blend of people are here to provide a mixture of spiritual, pastoral and practical care in whatever way they can and are contactable at PCQ or Derryvolgie Hall.
The Chaplain
Rev Karen Mbayo:

Karen is the Chaplain at QUB and the Dean of Residence at Derryvolgie all which houses 88 students. She says, “I love the variety of student ministry- no two days are the same. Our aim is to bring the love and grace of Jesus on the campus, and help students identify their gifts and reach their potential in every area of their lives. It really is a privilege to work in such a diverse group of students as they journey through their university career.”
Assistant Chaplain
Lynn Guiney

Lynn has been loving life in Chaplaincy since time began! She is a fan of the arts and loves to find creative ways to explore student's issues. Gifts, talents, passion and vocation are her thing and she longs to help students identify these things in their own lives so that they might effectively bring heaven here on earth. She will yarn about anything from what your watching on telly to your love life. She wants to find potential in students and give them opportunities to develop this.
Carol McMahon:

Carol is the mother figure and administrator who looks after the day to day essentials of Chaplaincy activities. She is very interested in your love life and she will always say it like it is! She’s also not as scary as you might think and is always concerned about the well being of the students and staff at Chaplaincy.